BECI provides professional quotes for single or 3 phase drives packages to control your pumping system at significant savings.  We can provide real-time data to scada systems for management and/or control purposes.


USE IN THE WATER/WASTEWATER TREATMENT PROCESS: the Variable-frequency drives are enjoying rapidly increasing popularity at water and waste-water facilities, where the greatest energy draw comes from pumping and aeration (two applications particularly suited to variable-frequency drives). For applications where flow requirements vary, mechanical devices such as flow-restricting valves or moveable air vanes are often used to control flow. This process uses excessive energy, and may create punishing conditions for the mechanical equipment involved. Variable Frequency Drives enable pumps to accommodate fluctuating demand while running the pumps at lower speeds - thus, using less energy while still meeting pumping needs!


Variable-frequency drives work with most three-phase or single electric motors, so existing pumps and blowers that use throttling devices can be retrofited with these controls. Variable-frequency drives can also be specified for new equipment.

BENEFITS: Single-speed drives start motors abruptly, subjecting the motor to high torque and current surges up to 10 times the full-load current. In contrast, Variable Frequency Drives offer a "soft start"capability - gradually ramping up a motor to operating speed. This lessens mechanical and electrical stress on the motor system, and can reduce maintenance and repair costs and extend motor life. Variable Frequency Drives allow more precise control of processes such as water distribution, aeration and chemical feed. Pressure in water distribution systems can be maintained to closer tolerances. Wastewater treatment plants can consistently maintain desired dissolved oxygen concentrations over a wide range of flow and biological loading conditions by using automated controls to link dissolved oxygen sensors to variable-frequency drives on the aeration blowers. Energy savings from variable-frequency drives can be significant.  Affinity laws for centrifugal pumps suggest that even a small reduction in motor speed will highly leverage your energy savings. Variable-frequency drives can reduce a pump’s energy use by as much as 50%.

Variable-frequency drives are reliable, and easy to operate. They increase the degree of flow control, and reduce pump noise.


Veriable Frequency Drives are a smart long-term solution for your pumping needs!

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